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Fear is temporary; regret is forever!

I grew up horrifically scared of heights to the point that at 10 years old I had a mental breakdown when I found out our hotel room was on level 34 and we would be staying there for a week! All I could see was this building swaying or me accidentally falling through the window or off the balcony to my imminent death (I was 10 it seemed logical at the time!) While I got a little bit better at dealing with the fear I never out grew it!

In 2012 I did a huge 11-month trip with my boyfriend at the time, we went to Vietnam, Thailand, England, America, Italy, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Germany and South Africa. Before we left dad started talking about the World’s highest bungee jump which is in South Africa, Bloukrans Bridge with a 216m free-fall –yes crazy I know! My dad then had the audacity to not only dare me but wager me to do it as well: dad would pay for both me and the ex to jump, but if we decided not to jump on the platform we had to pay for it (about $100).

We had 10 months to think this wager over… but let’s be honest as soon as it became a dare I had to prove I could do it- I’m only mildly competitive I swear! So really I had 10 months to somehow talk myself out of my 19-year fear of heights, this is also a good time to mention that this was around the time a girl had her bungee snap over the top of crocodile infested waters, if that doesn’t scream safety I don’t know what will! We made sure we told everyone we knew what we were planning on doing because the more people you tell the more accountable you are to go through with it!

When the day came to do this death-defying jump I was so ready to just watch and keep my feet firmly planted on solid ground! I felt sick at the thought of walking over the suspended metal bridge towards the platform so much so that I hadn’t even though of what comes after! BUT when we arrived at the bungee jumping sort, plastered all over the building was the saying FEAR IS TEMPORARY, REGRET IS FOREVER. As soon as I saw the saying it hit home, there was no way I’m giving up this once in a lifetime experience just because I’m a little scared! I obviously went through what the jump and it was honestly one of my top 10 moments in life, it was the most exhilarating and strangely serene 2 minutes!

Since that day I have changed my entire attitude, I live fearlessly, take risks and go through with all things dare-devilish! I will always give new things a chance because the truth is I don’t regret anything I have done in my life but I do regret the things I walked away from!