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Taking my life back

It’s getting to that really scary part of the year when we start reflecting on everything we have accomplished over the year that has just flown and start looking at what we would like to achieve in 2018. I look at this year and I am amazed, yes I have achieved a lot, grown a lot and honestly I can’t believe how different my life is now in November to what it was like in January!

However, it has been hard to balance my health, my social life, my business and my hobbies. This year has seen me juggle all of these in a not so elegant fashion! As hard as I have tried, it has been next to impossible, something always has to give! At times I have had to sit back and laugh at myself when I look at how much I try to fit into one day (we have 100 hours every day don’t we?).

I’ve learned that in order to achieve what I want to, I need to give it all of my focus, If I spread my attention thinly over too many tasks I will never be happy with the results! This has shown me that balance isn’t always equal, if I want to achieve something in business more of my time and energy needs to go there and less to my hobbies and my social life. We need to remember that life is fluid, and week to week our time can be put into what we see as important because as per the saying – “where focus goes energy flows.”

Whilst have had a lot less energy this year and maintaining my health has had to be my number one priority, I have still achieved each and every goal I have set for myself. I graduated from university, walked 25km, created my own website from scratch (which I am incredibly proud of). At the same time, maintaining and building my amazing friendships and also starting an incredible and loving relationship with my partner whom I met in June!

I look back with pride, at what I have achieved over one of the hardest years of my life! I have felt out of control at times, I’ve pushed myself far too hard at times but this year has proven that if I am focused on what I want to achieve I will get there!