Jess Van Zeil

"Honestly, there is light at the end of the tunnel!"

From one survivor to another, let me show you how you can;

Find the support, connection and understanding you need right now

Discover the key to creating an exciting and inspiring future – yes it’s possible!

Truly thrive and find real joy and happiness in your new life

Do you feel all alone?

After everything you’ve been through you don’t have to feel left alone dealing with the repercussions of your diagnosis anymore….

This is your Support statement – the content here comes from “Problems your client is facing” eg:

– I reach out for support and i don’t get a responce

– My life will never be like “that”

– They don’t know how to find someone that can support them – No more feeling alone in unchartered waters

– Toxic positivity through the survival phase

Are you tired?

About feeling tired lost and disconnected

Your support network has moved on and now it’s totally up to you

You’re struggling with the thought that life may never go back to “normal”

Brand Script

Taken from your brand script talk about WHY you care, how you’re similar to your customers, and why they can TRUST you to help them solve their problems.

Trusted by leading companies

Logo’s here if this is relevant.

Differentiating Statement

Authority Building Video

3 Step Plan to Success

Get all of your questions answered

Get your personalised plan to help you thrive on the other side of diagnosis

My promise to you

I understand exactly how you feel because I’ve been in your shoes. This is why I’ve created this unique program. Through my own stage 4 cancer experience I‘ve realised that no-one should ever have to navigate a life changing diagnosis journey alone or worse still, with people who don’t understand. So, my promise to you, is you will;

Transform: From feeling lost, stuck, overwhelmed, and alone.

To: feeling connected, understood, and thriving in your life.

Let me

1: Support you every step of the way.

You will feel supported, connected, and understood on your journey to a more meaningful and fulfilling life.

2: Inspire you every day

I promise to be your source of inspiration until you reconnect with the exciting and

inspirational future you deserve.

3: Stand by you until you’re thriving again

You deserve nothing less than to have a full and thriving life that you’ve created.

It’s your time to put the past behind you

Sentence needs to be crafted:

If you don’t act you will continue to feel lost and disconnected

you will be alone in this.

you will continue to struggle with the expectation that life will go back to “normal”

The Offer

This is essentially, “what’s in the box,” for your product, service or program.

It’s also good to mix in positive results your customers will experience.

– Bullet points are fine

– Then wrap up with a call to action, like this:

You get all this, plus the confidence you’re living your best life when you purchase PRODUCT today!

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